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Founded in 2015 by Oscar Ellison, Yourdrive is New Zealand's first peer-to-peer car sharing service. Our online platform enables people to rent cars from locals throughout New Zealand. Owners generate income by renting out their cars and making use of their idle assets while renters gain access to a wide range of better value cars for rent in dispersed locations. We have facilitated over 4000 journeys so far, resulting in many positive impacts on the environment and economy.

Yourdrive aims to do more than offer a more sustainable alternative to car rental, we're looking to help shape the future of transport in New Zealand. We're working with other innovative companies to create the tools, provide the information, and build the infrastructure for a society where car ownership is avoidable because alternative modes of transport enable people to get around in a more resource efficient and enjoyable way.

We're not doing it by ourselves. In 2016, Yourdrive teamed up with JUCY, one of New Zealand's top tourism providers, to accelerate our growth. JUCY's reputation for excellent customer service and innovative products made them the perfect fit for Yourdrive. JUCY's strategic investment has enabled us to take our platform to the next level.


New Zealand currently has one of the highest vehicle ownership rates in the world however, on average, this large vehicle fleet is being used incredibly inefficiently, the average car in NZ is used less than an hour a day. More than 95% of the time our vehicles sit idle, taking up space and costing us money. Yourdrive provides a solution to this issue by enabling vehicle owners to rent out their vehicles when they are not using them. It also provides a real alternative to owning a vehicle by allowing users to rent a vehicle to suit their needs, when and where they need it.

When looking at the full life cycle of vehicles the majority of pollution and carbon emissions are in production and decommissioning of vehicles. Research from UC Berkeley shows that every car in a car sharing scheme can take up to 13 other cars off the road. By using Yourdrive, you reduce New Zealand's demand for new vehicles and prevent the environmental damage resulting from the manufacturing of those vehicles.

As a member of the Sustainable Business Network we have an ongoing commitment to sustainability. Our contribution to 'Smarter Transport' was recognised in the Sustainable Business Network Awards 2017.

In 2018 we established a partnership with Million Metres, a nationwide waterway restoration project run by the Sustainable Business Network. Its goal is to raise funds to plant one million metres of New Zealand waterways with native trees.

When booking a vehicle on Yourdrive renters can add a $2 per day donation for tree planting. On top of removing carbon from the atmosphere these trees play an important role in minimising bank erosion, filtering out water contaminants, and providing habitat for native wildlife. Yourdrive matches all customer donations dollar-for-dollar to double the number of trees planted.

The Team

We're a small but mighty team led by CEO, Oscar Ellison. We all come from different walks of life but share a passion for creating a beautiful platform and providing an excellent service to Yourdrive users. We're based in a modern office space in Central Auckland with our JUCY friends.


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We're always looking for dynamic people to join us in shaping the future of car sharing in New Zealand. If you are interested in working at Yourdrive, check out our careers page for more information and current openings.