9 Ways Car Sharing Beats Traditional Car Rental in NZ

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Yourdrive is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform connecting people who want to rent cars with people who have a car that's available to use.

So, why would you rent a privately owned vehicle instead of a rental car through a traditional agency? Here, we break down 9 reasons why peer-to-peer car sharing is the better choice for you!


1. You’ll be able to rent a car close to you

With peer-to-peer car sharing, you collect the vehicle from the owner’s location, meaning there are pick up points all over New Zealand. Check out our map search to see if there is one to rent right around the corner from you!

Some owners will be able to meet you at a transport hub or in the city centre for extra convenience. A few generous owners may even bring to the car to you! Ask the owner what they’re willing to do and whether there is an additional fee for their service.


2. You’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle for your trip

No matter what you need a vehicle for, you’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle for your trip within our fleet of 600+ unique vehicles! We have classic cars, luxury car, electric cars, converted campervans, moving vans, convertibles and everything in between. Use the search filters to narrow your results.

As vehicles are privately owned, each one is unique, however, you can rest assured that they’re all as safe as any other rental car in New Zealand. Each vehicle listed on Yourdrive must pass the NZTA approved safety inspections for commercial vehicles every 6 months.


3. You’ll make less of an environmental impact

Manufacturing and decommissioning vehicles produces pollutants and emits carbon, as does running them. Renting a car that’s already out there means less need for extra vehicles privately owned or in a rental fleet so, it’s better for the environment. Research suggests that every car shared takes up to 13 other vehicles off the road. We have a handful of hybrid and electric vehicles available on Yourdrive – rent one of these to be doubly eco-friendly!


4. You’ll get better value for money

Our owners have fewer overheads than traditional rental car companies so, can set lower rental rates. On Yourdrive, you’ll find vehicles available to rent from $25 per day! By renting a vehicle closer to you, you’ll also save on transport costs to and from a rental depot.


 5. You’ll feel good about supporting the local economy and community

When you rent a car from Yourdrive, 60% of the rental cost goes to the owner. It’s nice to know the rental fees are going to a real person who can use that money to offset the costs of car ownership or fund an adventure of their own!


6. You’ll get tips and recommendations for your trip from a local

When you meet the owner to pick up the vehicle, tell them a little bit about where you’re going or what you’re doing. As locals themselves, they’ll be able to give you travel tips and recommendations. You never know what hidden gems you might get a heads up about!


7. You’ll have more control

Paying for a full day stings a bit when you only need a car for a couple of hours. With Yourdrive, you can rent a car by the hour, day or week, so you’re only paying for what you use. As you’re renting from a real person, you don’t have to adhere to depot opening hours so, you have more options for pick up and drop off times.  


8. You’ll be able to get help easily if you need it

If you ever have a question, you can contact the owner directly via phone or message - no more call queues or hold music. If you have a problem out on the road, Yourdrive is just a message away. We can organise roadside assistance or a replacement vehicle if you require it to continue on journey, 


9. You can join for free AND get a discount

It’s free to join the car sharing community and always will be! When you sign up to Yourdrive, enter the code ‘ADVENTURE20’ to get $20 off your first Yourdrive rental!

Give peer-to-peer car sharing a go with Yourdrive. Thousands of Kiwis are already using Yourdrive to rent vehicles from locals.

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Posted by Andrew Ford on 24th of March, 2018