On Your Bike: Why to Give Cycling a Go This February

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At Yourdrive, we’re all about sustainability in transport. When we’re not renting a car for a mission with crew or cargo on Yourdrive, we’re cycling around the city – getting from A to B with reduced CO2 emissions.

This February is the second annual Aotearoa Bike Challenge month. After its success last year, NZTA and Love to Ride have teamed up again to encourage more kiwis to discover how easy and enjoyable riding a bike can be. We’re challenging YOU to get involved and experience the benefits of cycling yourself. 


Benefits of biking:

  • Save time – Avoid the time delays and frustration which result from congested road traffic. With a bike, you can utilize the network of dedicated cycle paths, zooming past crawling traffic to arrive at your destination on time and feeling relaxed.
  • Think of the environment – The typical petrol-powered passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This number can vary based on a vehicle’s fuel type, fuel economy, and the distance driven per year (source). To offset this amount of carbon, you’d need 10 years worth of absorption from 122 tree seedlings (source) – crazy!
  • Cut spending – No car means no carparks! If you’re driving to work in central Auckland 5 days a week, you can easily be spending over $100 per week on parking, not yet accounting for petrol. Leave your car and home and make money by renting it out to people on Yourdrive! Find out more about renting your car on Yourdrive here.
  • Feel better for it – Cycling is great low impact activity, resulting in less strain and injury than many other forms of exercise. In saying that, it’s still a good work out helping people of all levels of fitness build strength and stamina. On top of that, any exercise produces endorphins which boost positive mood. Combine this with knowing you’re saving the environment and your hard earn cash, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

With so many benefits to biking, why wouldn’t you give it a go? Brush off the bike that’s been gathering dust in the garage and get out on the road. If you have a slightly longer commute or aren’t quite ready to scale hills without a helping hand, why not try an e-bike? E-bikes are bikes with an electric battery in them, speeding up your journey and taking away the sweatiness. Just because you’re not having to put as much energy into pedaling doesn’t mean you’re missing out on the health benefits, even e-bikes improve health and fitness plus, many e-bikes can be used like a standard pushbike too, just in case you’re wanting a real workout.


Quality e-bikes come with a hefty price tag. While we think they’re totally worth it, we can understand not being ready to commit without a test drive. Luckily, there’s Boltra! Boltra is a new e-bike subscription service which enables you to hire e-bikes in 30-day periods. Buy your subscription via the Boltra website and you’ll be delivered everything you need to get pedaling – your e-bike as well as a charger, an anti-theft lock, and a helmet. The Boltra e-bikes are manufactured in Germany by Denmark based company, Biomega. They’re sturdy, stylish and speedy, with a sleek white carbon frame, 8 speed settings (max 25km/h) and a travel distance of 45km - 65 km per full charge. For added peace of mind, Boltra also covers you with theft insurance, a repairs and replacement policy and on-road support.  Boltra's service is currently only available to people located in Auckland. Find out more about Boltra and start your e-bike subscription here.


Use your bike to commute during the week and explore your own backyard on the weekend. Head over to the Auckland Transport website and check out their awesome cycling maps and resources. Head over to the Auckland Transport Cycling Facebook page to connect with the community and find out about events in your area.


Posted by Kezia Lynch on 24th of January, 2018