How the Yourdrive Team Commute in Auckland

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It’s no secret that commuting by car sucks - the traffic is infuriating, parking costs are exorbitant, and negative environmental impacts are so unnecessary, yet 82% of Kiwis still drive to and from work!

At Yourdrive, we live and breathe sustainable transport at work and in our personal lives. We’re proud to contribute to the 18% of Kiwis who opt for more environmentally friendly modes of transport for their daily commute.  Keep reading to find out how each member of the Yourdrive team gets to and from our central Auckland office daily. 

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Oscar, CEO

Oscar’s been an avid cycling commuter for four years. He says he loves cycling because of the sense of freedom it gives him. He can use the cycleways and bus lanes in the central city to avoid the traffic and can park his bike anywhere for free! While a lot of cyclists are upgrading to e-bikes, Oscar quite happy to stick with his push bike as it's great exercise.

Oscar's commuting essential is a good pair of headphones (with a microphone) so he can take business calls and listen to podcasts. Oscar's current favourite podcasts are Reply All, 99% Invisible, The Real Pod, and First Past the Pod.



Andrew, Digital Sales Manager

Andrew lives approximately 2km away from the office, making walking the natural choice for his commute. He says that walking through town makes him feel more connected to the city. It's exciting to see things change and experience different atmospheres every time he walks, depending on the time of year, what events that are going on, the weather etc. 

Andrew loves the flexibility of walking. He's able to pop into the supermarket to pick up food for dinner on his way home or say "yes" to last-minute plans to catch a show or go for dinner. 

Andrew's commuting essential is a good umbrella to defend against Auckland's unpredictable weather.


Ben, Customer Experience Manager

After living in London for a couple of years, Ben became a public transport pro. When he moved back to New Zealand and joined the Yourdrive team, he began catching the 312 bus. The bus, which runs between Onehunga and Auckland’s CBD, through Newmarket and Royal Oak, is actually the subject of up and coming Kiwi hip-hop group SWIDT’s aptly named track, 312.

Ben spends about an hour on the bus each day, however, says the time flies as he sits back and relaxes with his headphones in and a great playlist going while someone else drives. At peak hours, buses come at pretty regular intervals so they’re usually not too crowded and there’s never a long wait.


Will, Lead Developer

Will moved to Auckland from Whangarei last year when he joined the Yourdrive team. He didn't really know how he was going to get to work when he first arrived but, his flatmates at the time caught the train from Orakei Station so, Will followed suit.

It’s a short walk from Will’s flat to the station and then a pleasant 10-minute ride into the city across the Orakei Basin. While the commute isn't long, Will says he likes to use this time to educate himself. He’s recently discovered Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast and is loving it. The episodes are lengthy so it takes Will a few trips to get through each one but is super interesting and entertaining.


Kezia, Brand Manager

Kezia’s 2018 new years resolution was to teach herself to skateboard so, she bought a 3-foot long board and has been kick push-ing her way to the office from Freemans Bay ever since. She loves to take the scenic route around Wynyard Quarter and the Viaduct Harbour in the morning to feel the refreshing sea breeze and check out all the fishing boats. 

As a serial morning hater, Kezia's top tip for making your morning commute more enjoyable is finding a good playlist. You can't help but smile if you're listening to some upbeat tunes. Her current favourite is the aptly named 'Morning Motivation' playlist on Spotify



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Posted by Kezia Lynch on 15th of May, 2018