Rethinking Residential Car Parking in Apartment Buildings

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If you don’t live under a rock, you would have seen the media storm about Daisy last week. Developed by Ockham Residential, Daisy is a new apartment building that’s recently opened in central Auckland. The difference? It doesn’t have a single residents' private car parking space.

At Yourdrive, we’re really excited about forward-thinking developments like this. As Mark Todd, co-founder of Ockham Residential wrote in an article for The Spinoff, it's about giving Aucklanders the choice to live in well-located buildings without being forced to pay extra for a carpark they may not want or use - studies suggest carparks increase the cost of a house by 25% or more.

Whenever there is positive news about new progressive development in Auckland, there is an inevitable backlash from commentators trying to further entrench our car dependence. In a New Zealand Herald opinion piece, Mike Hosking slammed the motivations of the building and said that cars are going nowhere.

Thankfully, Duncan Grieve has already penned an articulate rebuttal clearly noting that no one is being forced to buy or live in apartments like these but, people want choice. Daisy's sales success says so - on opening day, deposits had been paid on 30 of the 33 units.

Since we launched Yourdrive in 2015, we’ve seen the shift in Aucklanders attitudes towards car ownership. A combination of public transport, ridesharing, and car sharing enables people to get where they want when they want.

Yourdrive has grown 400% in the last year. We now have over 600 privately owned vehicles available to rent all over New Zealand, 350 of which are in Auckland. Over the weekend, we saw more than 120 of those out on the road. Not all Aucklanders want to own a vehicle. Aucklanders want choice.

Progressive updates to the Unitary Plan have paved the way for Daisy. Property developers are no longer required to have car parks in city and city fringe buildings. As a result, more buildings with reduced car parks, or none at all, are proposed or are already in progress. Pop the champagne, this is a step in the right direction!

With the population of Auckland predicted to hit 2.3 million by 2043, our current urban sprawl is unsustainable and, it's developments like Daisy that will take us in the right direction. Bring on more carpark free condos in the city. They'll be snapped up by people who are interested in a more sustainable, flexible and affordable lifestyle.

We invite Daisy residents needing a car to rent one from a local, through Yourdrive. We've got vehicles ready literally just around the corner. If you have moved in there, get in touch and we’ll set you up with $100 credit to give it a try.


Posted by Oscar Ellison on 18th of March, 2018