Yourdrive and JUCY - Better Together

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Today we’ve taken a big step toward achieving our goal of making it simple for Kiwis to rent out their spare vehicles and reducing vehicle ownership in New Zealand.

We have teamed up with the JUCY Group, who have made a strategic investment in Yourdrive to ensure that we can continue to build and develop our service.

Users will get the same Yourdrive experience they’re used to. But better. You’ll notice we’ll be adding more features and a providing a higher quality of service. The partnership means we can accelerate our growth: we’ll have more vehicles available for renters to choose from and more rentals will mean increased returns for owners.

JUCY is New Zealand’s top rental car service. They’re well known for pushing boundaries and always providing a great experience for customers. We think their inventive approach to their tourism business and their innovative vision for the future is a perfect fit for Yourdrive.

It has been over four years since the idea behind Yourdrive was conceived while chatting about transport with friends. Yourdrive was the first peer to peer car sharing service in New Zealand and we have now been fully live for over 18 months.

The Yourdrive’s service works pretty simply. Basically, owners list their vehicles that they are not using. There are a few steps but our team will help you through the process. Once listed, users can request to rent your vehicle. Yourdrive take a percentage cut on each rental and we provide full insurance.

For renters, we now have a fleet of vehicles located all over New Zealand, at locations that are convenient to you. You can get the exact vehicle you need. Yourdrive has a variety of cars, scooters, vans, trucks, and campervans to suit any trip you have planned.

Since launching, Yourdrive has grown quickly. We’ve rapidly increased our user and vehicle base and the team behind Yourdrive has grown to five staff. It’s incredible to know that Yourdrive has now returned hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the hands of everyday kiwis.

As well as the investment, it’s also an exciting time for Yourdrive because summer is just around the corner. We’re already getting loads of demand. If you’re looking for a vehicle for your summer getaway, make sure you book soon!  Otherwise, if you or anyone you know has a vehicle sitting around now is the perfect time to get it listed, as demand is high.

You can read more about the JUCY and Yourdrive announcement on the Newshub website and on

Happy sharing, Oscar

Posted by Oscar Ellison on 29th of October, 2016