Day Trips from Auckland - Cheese and Picnics

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Grab some snacks from the Puhoi Cheese Factory and Enjoy a Mid-Winter Picnic


Who says you can't picnic in winter? Joe's reccommendation for a winter day trip from Auckland is packing a picnic (and maybe a raincoat). He likes to pick up some cheeses from Puhoi before enjoying a picnic in Warkworth and a walk around Scott's landing. 

Day Trips from Auckland - Scott's Landing

Auckland to Puhoi - 40 minutes

Head north of Auckland for the start of your day trip and the first stop is Puhoi, a small settlement 50km out of the city on the banks of the Puhoi river. Be sure to check out the award winning cheeses at the Puhoi Valley Cheese Co. They have the philosophy of sourcing their ingredients as locally as possible, whether that be from NZ or right there in the Puhoi valley. You could even buy a couple of cheeses to add to your picnic, our favourite being the Double Cream Camembert - yum!  Those not such a fan of stinky cheeses can indulge in their yoghurts, custards and milks!

Puhoi to Warkworth - 20 minutes

Next up its time for a picnic, to taste all your new treats from Puhoi Valley. We suggest the Old Cement Works near Warkworth. The Mahurangi Cement Works closed back in 1929 and the quarry has since been flooded making a picturesque lake next to the ruins. While a popular swimming hole in summer, these deserted ruins make for a perfect winter picnic away from the city and the crowds.

Day Trips from Auckland - Scott's Landing

Warkworth to Mahurangi East - 25 minutes

Another 20mins from Warkworth in Mahurangi East is Scotts Landing, another perfect spot for a stroll. Park your car near the wharf at the end of Ridge Rd, a popular spot with local fishermen. Spend some time walking around the peninsula with nice views out to the sea. Once the sun begins to set and it starts to get chilly hop back into Joe's Honda and enjoy the hour drive back to the city. 

Day Trips from Auckland - Joe's Honda

For those in Auckland Central, Joe’s Honda CRZ is ideal for this getaway from the city! As a coupe, this car is perfectly suited to a couple looking to do a winter day trip from Auckland. 

Tip: this day trip from Auckland drives along the Northern Gateway Toll Road. Remember to pay your toll online at the NZTA website, all you need is your vehicle's number plate. To find out more about paying your Tolls, see the YourDrive renter FAQ on tolls.

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Posted by Natasha Walthall on 12th of June, 2017