Day Trips from Auckland - Hot Springs & Ice Cream

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Take a Weekend Drive to the Miranda Hot Springs and Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve


When it comes to winter day trips from Auckland, Wei Cheng suggests heading south, to Miranda to warm up in the hot springs, followed by a visit to the Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve where you can view some impressive seabirds! On the way home, be sure to grab an ice-cream from the famous Pokeno. 

Auckland to Miranda - 1 hour

While beaches might not be the best winter destination, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a swim. Miranda Hot Springs are only an hour out of central Auckland and boast 100% natural mineral pools. With three pools ranging in temperatures up to 41⁰C, you'll stay warm on even the coldest winter day. Perfect for the entire family with a cooler children’s pool and an adults-only sauna pool.

Miranda Hot Springs to Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve - 5 minutes

Also in Miranda, just 5 minutes around the corner, is in the Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve, with seabirds present year round, chances are you will get to see some cool wildlife! Head to the Shorebird Centre to first learn about what birds are at the roost and what they look like. You can either drive or walk 30 minutes to the hides, where you view the birds. Thousands of birds can gather in the roost area at once but the best viewing is 2 hours either side of high tide, so be sure to plan your visit!

 Day trips from Auckland - Miranda

Miranda to Pokeno - 25 minutes

On your way back to Auckland be sure to stop off in Pokeno with a big appetite where you can take your pick from two ice cream stores, located right next to each other and just as busy. For those feeling extra hungry, or with eyes bigger than their stomachs, Pokeno Takeaways sells a 15-scoop cone for $18. Those with less of a sweet tooth might be interested in Pokeno Bacon. This famous family owned shop is well loved by the community. They sell a range of bacon, ham and sausages which you can buy to enjoy back at home. Sit back and let your ice cream digest on the 45 minute drive back to the city centre.

Day Trips from Auckland - Wei Cheng's Car

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Posted by Natasha Walthall on 12th of June, 2017