How to Be a 5 Star Renter

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Marketplaces like Yourdrive rely on mutual respect. Ratings and reviews are one way we ensure users are accountable and the platform is self-policing. 

Consider this, would you feel comfortable buying an item off a Trademe user with poor reviews? Or, would you be concerned about jumping in an Uber with a poorly rated driver? The truth is, reviews from like-minded people play an important role in our decision-making process when making purchases. 

The same principles can be applied to Yourdrive. Reviews from past renters help a renter choose what vehicle to request for their trip. On the flipside, reviews from previous rentals help an owner choose whether they're comfortable with accepting a renter's booking request. 

While there's no way to guarantee five star reviews, here are 5 of our top tips for showing you're worthy of full marks. 

1. Send a friendly request message

First impressions are everything. The request message is usually the first interaction between an owner and a renter. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and tell the renter about your plans for your time in their car. Yourdrive is built on trust and relationships so, presenting yourself as a friendly and reliable person will make an owner more comfortable about you, a stranger, borrowing their precious car.

2. Be prompt with communication

Keep your eye on your inbox for email notifications from Yourdrive or messages from owners. To ensure Yourdrive emails arrive directly to your primary inbox, whitelist Yourdrive emails.

As soon as your booking request has been accepted by the owner, and payment has been successfully processed, you’ll receive the booking confirmation email. At this point, reach out to the owner through the Message Inbox or via phone call/SMS to make arrangements for pick up.

It's not over after you pick up though, you should remain contactable during the rental and keep the owner in the loop with any important updates, particularly if it’s a long-term rental.

3. Stick to schedule

Nobody likes having their time wasted so please endeavour to stick to arrangements. As soon as you realise you will be late for pick up or drop off, please message the owner through the Message Inbox or via phone call/SMS to let them know and keep them updated on your estimated time of arrival. 

If you're going to be more than 15 minutes late to drop off, please make a booking extension.

4. Return the car in great condition

When the owner hands the car over, it should be reasonably clean (inside and out) and have a full tank of fuel. You're expected to return the car in the same condition as when you collected it and with the used fuel replaced. If you've gone on gravel roads or been to the beach during your trip, it's a good idea to visit a car wash and do a quick vacuum before drop off.

5. Take feedback on board 

We updated our review system in early 2018 to encourage more users to complete better reviews of their experiences. On completion of a trip, an owner will be asked to:

  • Rate you on a scale of one to five - one being poor, five being excellent.
  • Write a short review about their experience renting a vehicle to you. Things they could mention are communication, pick up and drop off experience, and cleanliness of vehicle on return.
  • Send you a private message to say thanks or suggest how you could improve in future (optional).

Pay attention to the ratings, reviews, and feedback you receive from owners and make improvements based on this!


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Posted by Kezia Lynch on 17th of November, 2018