How to List Your Electric Vehicle

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity. Not only are they smooth and comfortable to drive but the maintenance costs are much lower than for a petrol or diesel car. Renting out your EV on YourDrive is a good option to help finance your EV purchase, or you may simply want to share the driving experience and help others who are looking into buying one.

Like all our cars on YourDrive, to ensure the vehicle is safe to be used as a rental car it must have a valid Certificate of Fitness (COF) before the listing can go live on the site.

Here are a few things you should consider when listing your EV, to both sell your car and educate your renters.

Advantages to highlight

  • A massive advantage of EVs is how they are to drive. Make sure you mention in your listing that they are both quiet and smooth to drive. Plus, with no gears they accelerate quickly and easily. Renters will be excited to experience this luxury!
  • Electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel powered car (around 20 vs 2,000) meaning there is a lot less you need to maintain. These lower maintenance costs mean you can drop your price to attract renters. Petrol and diesel car owners need to build these higher maintenance costs into their rental pricing. 
  • Save the renter time and money by not needing to refuel the car with gas. This is particularly advantageous in short term hourly rentals as the renter does not have to waste any precious rental time at the pump!
  • Lastly, remind the renter of the benefits to the environment through renting your EV, which produces 80% less CO2 emmissions than a petrol car. Who doesn't want to help save our environment?

Concerns to address

  • One of the biggest worries renters have with electric vehicles is the distance they can travel. Make sure your renters are aware of the distances your EV can travel between charges. A fully charged EV can travel anywhere from 100km – 400km depending on the model. Thanks to the installation of many public charging stations across NZ with a bit of planning you can take your EV virtually anywhere. Take away any worry by giving renters a link to, or they can download the PlugShare app, which shows all the charging stations across NZ (and worldwide!). You could also offer them advice on planning their itinerary based on your local knowledge about EV travel.
  • For daily and longer rentals, the cost of charging will need to be considered when pricing your EV. We would recommend including the cost of charging your EV into the rental price and providing renters with access to any charging infrastructure you have, like ChargeNet NZ. With petrol and diesel cars, renters return the car with the same level of fuel and so the cost of gas is not included in the pricing. Assuming an average daily distance of no more than 100km, we would suggest adding an extra $10 per day into your pricing.

Electric vehicles are the way of the future and we’d love to have more EVs listed on YourDrive. So if you’d like to share the EV love as well as join the car-sharing movement and reduce our environmental impact, then get your electric vehicle listed and we’ll be in touch to guide you through the next steps.

Posted by Natasha Walthall on 30th of March, 2017