How to live without a car in Wellington: A Yourdrive user story

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A growing number of Yourdrive users are people who've made a consious decision to give up owning a car, in favour of more flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport options.

We caught up with a couple of them - David Laing and his wife Teresa Maguire to find out more about how they get around without owning a car, and the part Yourdrive plays in that.

After their car was stolen five years ago they made the decision not to purchase another vehicle - and they haven’t looked back! 

The Wellington-based couple in their fifties and their 15 year old son have embraced the city’s public transport network, increased the number of times they cycle to work, and use taxis on the odd occasion.

For the times when they do need a car, David and Teresa rent one via Yourdrive.

“Car ownership can be very expensive to maintain with servicing, petrol and insurance all adding up. We usually borrow cars from friends and family, however sometimes that doesn’t work out so we looked online for different alternatives for using cars and found Yourdrive,” says David.

The IT Consultant is passionate about supporting the sharing economy and using an asset that is not being best utilised by its owner.

When the family did own a car they only used it on average about twice a week to get to the supermarket and to drive their son to sporting events.

Now, they cycle to and from work and use public transport – and their son has embraced this way of life too as he commutes to Rongotai College on his bike.

The family, who live in Hataitai, have rented up to five vehicles from Yourdrive to date, booking them for just several hours or for days at a time.

They’re looking forward to picking up more sets of wheels for two upcoming excursions – travelling to Napier for their son’s sailing regatta and a family summer holiday in the South Island, with their Yourdrive vehicle booked to collect from a household in Frankton.

“Being without a car might seem to some people to be a massive inconvenience but it’s not!  You can manage reasonably easy without a car especially in a city like Wellington where there is good public transport.

“Not having a car of our own reduces our carbon footprint dramatically and on the odd occasion when we do need a car we feel better about renting from people to help them get more use out of the assets they’ve spent a lot of money on.”

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Posted by Andrew Ford on 8th of January, 2018