How to Get Your Car Ready for a Long Term Rental

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While the average Yourdrive booking length is just a couple of days, sometimes people require vehicles for much longer than this. Maybe they've just moved to town and haven't yet bought a car yet or maybe they're visitors to the country travelling around for a few weeks. Reason aside, occasionally we have Yourdrive users renting vehicles for a month or more at a time.

If you don't want to receive booking requests for long rentals, don't forget to set a maximum booking length in your preferences. Find out more here

Here are things you should consider when you rent your car out for a while:

1. Vehicle preparations

As soon as you receive the request, check when your vehicle registration and certificate of fitness are due to expire. If this is during the rental period, consider whether you'll be able to renew these before the trip start time. If the answer is no, don't accept the request as you'll be breaking the Yourdrive owner terms and conditions and the law!

If you do accept the request, check everything is in working order as soon as possible to allow maximum time for repairs or adjustments to be made before pick up. 

  • Check that the tread and pressure of your tyres are correct - don’t forget about the spare tyre! Have tyres rotated or replaced if required. 
  • Check there are no engine leaks. Change the oil and oil filter if this hasn’t been done in the last 12 months.
  • Check fluid levels (transmission, coolant, brake and power steering, and wiper wash). Top up if required.
  • Consider replacing wiper blades if they've become worn out.

Before handing the vehicle over, make sure the vehicle is packed with a spare tyre (roadworthy and inflated) plus jack and tyre replacement tools. This is another requirement of the Yourdrive owner terms and conditions

2. Pick up procedure

On pick up, go above and beyond to explain all the features of the vehicle to the renter. Talk them through connecting their phone to the vehicle's bluetooth, show them how to check the oil and fluid levels, demonstrate putting the convertible top up and down (if applicable), and point out where the spare tyre and relevant tools are located. They'll likely have questions so, be prepared to provide clear and helpful answers.

Performing an inspection and taking photos of the vehicle's condition is a key step in the pickup process for all rentals but is extra important for long-term rentals. Make sure you save these photos in a place that you'll easily be able to access when the rental period is over for comparison. 

3. While on the road

We require all vehicles to have all vehicle fluids at a satisfactory level to last the duration of the booking, however, we recognise that this may be impossible if the booking is long. Make sure the renter is aware that these will need to be checked and that they know how to replace fluids/change oil or how to find a professional to assist with this. If any other maintenance is required during the rental period, let the renter know as soon as possible and make sure they're comfortable with doing this. 

Provide the renter with the details of your roadside assistance provider and talk them through the procedure to follow in case they need to make a call out. 

4. Open communication

Communication between renter and owner is important in any Yourdrive rental but is even more critical to those that are long term. 

Make sure the renter has all your contact details and agree upon a check-in schedule from the outset, defining how frequently the renter should update you and the best channel for contact. We recommend touching base every week or so via txt, even if there's nothing to report, just to keep the communication flowing. This assures trust between the two parties and will help to catch potential small problems before they grow bigger.


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Posted by Kezia Lynch on 2nd of November, 2018