Restore Waterways as You Rent with Million Metres

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New Zealand is known for its immense and diverse landscape. Our picturesque mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and beaches provide an incredible natural playground for locals and visitors alike. Unfortunately, New Zealand waterways and forests are deteriorating at a rapid rate. Studies indicate that 62% of the length of all our rivers fails to meet safe swimming standards and ¾ of all our native forests have been cut down.

Environmental sustainability is a priority for our country and is at the core of everything we do at Yourdrive. Car sharing is inherently more environmentally sustainable than car ownership or traditional car rental, however, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact even more - and help others do the same!

We’ve recently partnered with Million Metres to plant trees and enable our renters to restore waterways as they rent! Million Metres is a nationwide waterway restoration project run by the Sustainable Business Network. Its goal is to raise funds to plant one million metres of New Zealand waterways with native trees. On top of removing carbon from the atmosphere, the trees they plant play an important role in minimising bank erosion, filtering out water contaminants and providing habitat for native wildlife. So far, they've planted over 28,000 metres but, they need our help with the rest!

When booking a vehicle on Yourdrive, add the $2 per day donation to fund tree planting projects and further reduce the environmental impacts of your trip. Yourdrive will match your donation, dollar for dollar, to double the number of trees planted. You’ll receive email updates about the project that your money has gone into so you can see the real impact your contribution makes.


On the flip side, as an owner, you’ll be able to see when a renter has chosen to add the donation to their booking on the trip page. When the renter meets you to pick up your vehicle, give them a high five and say thanks for contributing to this worthy cause.

Thanks for joining us in supporting Million Metres and their epic work. As the Māori proverb goes, he rau ringa e oti ai (many hands make light work). 

Posted by Kezia Lynch on 14th of August, 2018