Wellington Car Share Trial

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We’ve got some pretty exciting news for our Wellington YourDrive members. Wellington City council has formally launched its car sharing trial today (also check out the NZ Herald article). YourDrive has a new Toyota Corolla permanently based right in the centre of town outside Four Kings/Les Mills on the corner on Taranaki Street and Cortney Place. We’re also using it as a chance to test out some remote unlocking technology. So get involved! Jump on the site, request it, and take it for a spin.

It is really exciting to be working with the city council to shape their future car sharing policy. Car sharing can be a huge part of a city’s transport system. Many international cities have fully embraced car sharing and have seen the positive benefits with decreases in car ownership and an increased choice of travel options for residents.

If you want to get involved and take the car for a drive you can sign up here. We’re also looking for more people to hire out their cars in Wellington so if you have a car that is sitting around, jump on and get it listed. You could be earning over $1,000 a month by renting it out!

Posted by Oscar Ellison on 1st of December, 2015