Yourdrive has a New Look and New Features

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New design and new features


Yourdrive's new look

We’re pleased to announce that the Yourdrive website has been re-painted over night. We are growing up and so is our brand. Peer-to-peer car sharing is no longer a concept for the future of transportation, it’s happening right now and we are all taking part in shaping that movement here in Aotearoa.

SMS alerts and messaging

We are tidying up our website and releasing some new features to make it easy for you, whether you are hiring vehicles or renting out your car to others. A few weeks ago, we introduced messaging on the website, between renters and car owners. We’ve also started texting car owners when they receive booking requests.

A lot is going on and more is coming, so have a click around!

Posted by Sanna Moeller on 3rd of August, 2017