Car Rental Christchurch

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from real people in Christchurch

RayCampervan C

1998 Toyota Campervan lucida

Spreydon, Christchurch | $85/day

Shreyas H

2006 Nissan Murano

Christchurch Central, Christchurch | $49/day

Terri L

2005 Toyota Wish

Mairehau, Christchurch | $89/day

Peer-to-peer car rental
in Christchurch

Yourdrive lets you rent cars, vans and campervans directly from real people living in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand. By renting from local residents you'll find a wider range of better-value vehicles and more pick-up locations than traditional car rental companies. You'll also get travel tips and advice from a friendly local, and it’s better for the environment!

How does Yourdrive
car sharing work?

Search for rental cars nearby

Enter a location and dates, then choose from hundreds of vehicles available to rent from locals in Christchurch.

Send booking request

Select your vehicle, join for free, then send a booking request to the car's owner. Payment is taken only when your request is accepted.

Roadside support

Should your car break down, we'll get it to the nearest mechanic and help the renters find a new vehicle.

Car Rental Itineraries

Christchurch City is great to visit but you'll need to take a road trip out of the city to truly get a taste of the region. Rent a car from your neighbour and go exploring.