Frequently asked questions

Joining Yourdrive

Nothing. Yourdrive is absolutely free to join. You are only charged when you rent a car.

We can think of five reasons that make Yourdrive the right choice.

  • 1. Value: Owners set their own prices and have minimal overheads so prices are always competitive.
  • 2. Choice: There are more locations for collecting vehicles and more variety in models and types of vehicles to choose from.
  • 3. Flexibility: Rentals range from hours to weeks.
  • 4. Simplicity: The Yourdrive system is designed for repeat use, so once your account is approved you can hire a car with the click of a button. No annoying rental car forms to fill out.
  • 5. Economy: The majority of your money goes straight to your neighbour down the street rather than a big corporate rental car company.
  • 6. Meet nice people. 7. It’s good for the environment. 8. You take control of your adventure.

Research suggests that on average, each car shared takes 10 other vehicles off the road so you can feel good about doing your bit for the environment as well!

Yes. All Yourdrive cars must comply with the same safety standards as any rental cars in New Zealand and have passed the NZTA approved safety inspections for commercial vehicles, so yes they are very safe.

Research done by the AA indicates that the average car owner spends $800 a month on their vehicle. If you’re only using your car a few times a week, you could potentially save loads by using Yourdrive instead. You can escape the commitment and costs of sorting your registration and those annoying trips to the mechanic by only paying for a car when you need one.

Yes, the majority of foreign licences are accepted. We accept all driver licences that are valid for driving in New Zealand. Simply tick the 'Foreign Licence' box when signing up and upload a clear photo of your foreign licence, not International Driving Permit (IDP). If your licence is not in English, you are required by law to carry an approved translation of that licence, or an International Driving Permit. You can get approved translations easily online with

No, unfortunately we cannot accept restricted or probationary licences of any kind, due to the conditions of our insurance. Feel free to get in touch with us once you have your full licence and we’d be glad to help you through the sign-up process.

As little as 30 seconds if you have your licence on hand. Once we've received your sign-up, approval can take up to 24 hours, but we endeavour to do it ASAP!


Yes. All car rentals through Yourdrive include insurance (excess may apply). In the case of an accident, the maximum you will pay is the excess, and you’re covered up to the value of the vehicle and up to $1,000,000 in liability. See Yourdrive Terms and conditions for more details.

You get to choose from the following three different insurance options when making a booking request:

Play it safe $15/day $250 excess per incident
Chance it $8/day $1000 excess per incident
Risk taker $0/day $2000 excess per incident

For more information about what is covered please see the Terms and conditions.

Booking requests

The owner generally has 24 hours to respond, unless the booking is due to commence less than 24 hours from the request. In that case the owner needs to respond before the booking starts.

If you haven’t heard back from the owner and need to make other arrangements, you can withdraw your booking request without being charged.

Yes. You can have additional drivers at no extra cost. To add an additional driver, go to the booking page and enter the additional driver's email address. Additional drivers will need to be signed up and approved on Yourdrive in order to be added. If you enter an email address which is not approved, an invitation to sign up will be sent. Only drivers that are confirmed as additional drivers on the booking are allowed to drive the Yourdrive vehicle.


Yes, you are able to cancel your booking at any time. The cancellation fees, as defined in our Terms and Conditions, are as follows:

Cancellation of a Booking by the Renter at any time up to 96 hours before the commencement of the Rental Period


Cancellation of a Booking by the Renter at any time from 96 hours up to 48 hours before the commencement of the Rental Period


Cancellation of a Booking by the Renter at any time from 48 hours up to 24 hours before the commencement of the Rental Period


Cancellation of a Booking within 24 hours of the commencement of the Rental Period


In the unlikely case that the owner must cancel a confirmed booking Yourdrive will work with you to find another vehicle, suitable for your trip.

If no other suitable vehicle is available you will be refunded in full.


This is up to the owner. You are free to make whatever arrangements you want with the vehicle owner. Some owners offer delivery to the airport or within a short distance included in the rental. This will be stated in the vehicle description. Otherwise owners may be willing to drop the vehicle off at a more convenient location for a small fee.

Same as you would do if you were borrowing a mates car. Get in touch with the owner and let them know you are running late.

Show the owner your drivers licence so they can check your identity. Then have a look over the car and take photos of any pre-existing damage and the fuel gauge. Finally, ask the owner if there is anything special you should know about the car, like what fuel type it takes, before receiving the keys and driving off on your adventure.

During the rental

The renter must return the vehicle with the fuel at the same level. We recommend owners fill their vehicles to simplify this process, otherwise it’s a good idea to take a quick photo of the fuel gauge to prevent any disagreements.

Most cars do not have mileage restrictions and those that do will state the mileage restriction in the description on the vehicle page. If you do intend to drive long distances, please double check with the owner before booking.

You need to go back onto and create another booking, continuing on from your previous booking. You shouldn’t continue to drive the vehicle after the booking period has ended, even if you contact the owner. If you don’t go back onto and create another booking, you will not be insured and will be liable for all potential damages.

You are free to take Yourdrive vehicles on toll roads but, you are responsible for paying the tolls. Tolls need to be prepaid. You can pay at selected service stations or online through NZTA. Please retain proof of purchase. If you do not pay the toll, you will be charged the late toll fee as well as an admin fee. You will need to pay for two tolls if you are driving there and back along the same toll road.

  • Northern Gateway Toll Road is north of Auckland before Whangarei.
  • Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road is on the east side of Tauranga / Papamoa, as you come in from either Rotorua or Whakatane.
  • Takitimu Drive Toll Road is on the west side of Tauranga as you come in from Auckland or Waihi.

We are a smoke-free company. Smoking is not permitted in a Yourdrive vehicle.


Contact Us immediately and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If the vehicle requires roadside assistance due to a mechanical breakdown we will arrange for roadside support to come out.

If the vehicle is required to be towed, we will arrange for it to be towed to the nearest repair shop.

In the unlikely case that the vehicle breaks down and is no longer driveable Yourdrive will work with you to find another vehicle, suitable for your trip and help arrange onward travel. If no other suitable vehicle is available you will be refunded for the remainder of your journey.


Yes! The rental fee does not include any cleaning fees, so please return the car clean both inside and out, as if you were returning a mate’s car you’ve just borrowed. Remember to refuel the car as well. Also check with the owner if you have any specific cleaning requirements before renting a vehicle, e.g. taking pets in vehicles.

Have a careful look through the car and make sure you have removed all of your belongings. Look over the car again to check that there isn’t any additional damage to the car. If there is take photos of it.


Firstly make sure that everyone involved in the accident is okay and contact Police and Ambulance services if anyone is injured, or if required.

  • 1. Do not admit fault.
  • 2. Collect details of any other parties involved, e.g. Licence plates, name, phone number, address, and email addresses for all drivers, passengers, and witnesses at the scene.
  • 3. Write a detailed description of events that led to the accident, including photographs of the scene and vehicles.
  • 4. Send an email to to let us know about the accident.
  • 5. Finally, contact the vehicle owner.

We will be in touch as soon as possible to guide both you and the owner through the insurance process.