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Why join peer-to-peer car sharing?

Rent local, it’s more convenient

It’s nice to keep things local. We’ll connect you with genuine Kiwi car owners who are in New Zealand neighbourhoods near you. There could even be cars for rent right next door. The more you rent, the more great stories and good karma you collect, the easier it gets.

Take control and get better value

Why is peer-to-peer car sharing better value? Our owners have fewer overheads than traditional rental car companies so the rates are lower. And it’s nice to keep the money in our community. It’s better value for you and it’s a nice earner for the owner. It’s a win win without the middle man.

Choose your own adventure

Paying for a full day stings a bit when you only need a car for a couple of hours. Yourdrive lets you choose how long you rent a car for, with discounted rates for weekly or longer rentals. The more you rent, the better and easier your adventure gets.

Find a car

Share the car. Care for the planet

Manufacturing vehicles produces greenhouse gases. So does running them. Be an environmental champion and rent a car that’s already out there. Research suggests that every car shared takes 10-15 other vehicles off the road. Car sharing isn’t just good for the local economy, it’s also good for our planetary well-being. Utilising an existing car means less need for extra vehicles in a rental fleet, reducing your carbon footprint.

How to rent a car

  1. Find a vehicle - cheap and cheerful? Or a bit more high end?

    If you haven’t signed up to Yourdrive do that now. It’s free to join. Once you’ve sorted that, you’re ready to search through our cars for rent. Are they near by? How much do they cost? Are they available and for how long? It’s all easily searchable. Typically, you’ll be able to check out other renter’s reviews; you’ll get to know a bit about the car and owner before you make a request.

  2. Request a booking - reach out and wait for two thumbs up.

    You’ve found a suitable car. Now you send a booking request to the vehicle owner who should respond within 24 hours. Often quicker than that. When your booking request is accepted you will be notified via email. If you’ve got your eye on more than one car, you can submit more than one booking request at a time.

  3. Pay & confirm - lock it down, get ready to pick it up.

    Once your booking request has been given the green light, you'll be emailed a link to return to the site and pay securely through our online payment gateway. Once credit card details have been processed, you'll receive a confirmation email with details of the booking, pickup instructions and owners contact details. Get in touch with the owner and start the conversation. When’s good for you? Where’s good for them? That sort of thing.

  4. Collect the vehicle - do some face-to-face and then hit the road.

    Pick up your vehicle at the arranged time and location. If you are running early or late, let the owner know - it’s all going towards you getting an excellent rating, right? Some owners offer drop off and will agree to meet you at a convenient location. Once you’ve said, “Hi,” done some chit chat about the weather, it’s time to walk around the vehicle and take photos of any scratches or damage as evidence of its condition. Finally, you show the owner your licence to prove you’re legal (and real) they give you the keys, and you drive off on your adventure!

  5. Your Trip - this is the fun bit.

    You’ve taken control of your rental experience, so now you get to enjoy your freedom! If anything goes wrong, simply get in touch with Yourdrive and we’ll help you sort it out.

  6. Return the vehicle - that was easy. And it just gets easier.

    Return the vehicle at the arranged time and place. Again, if you’re running or early or late give the owner a heads up. You want to return the car in the same condition you got it. Make sure you leave it clean, tidy and top up the fuel to the original level. Say, “Hi,” to the owner. Tell them how you found the car to drive. Check over the car again and hand them back the keys. Leave a review to let other Yourdrive members know how awesome they are! They’ll leave you a review as well. The more great reviews you get, the easier it becomes to rent each time.