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Why join peer-to-peer car sharing?

Rent local, it’s more convenient

It’s nice to keep things local. We’ll connect you with genuine Kiwi car owners who are in New Zealand neighbourhoods near you. There could even be cars for rent right next door. The more you rent, the more great stories and good karma you collect, the easier it gets.

Take control and get better value

Why is peer-to-peer car sharing better value? Our owners have fewer overheads than traditional rental car companies so the rates are lower. And it’s nice to keep the money in our community. It’s better value for you and it’s a nice earner for the owner. It’s a win win without the middle man.

Choose your own adventure

Paying for a full day stings a bit when you only need a car for a couple of hours. Yourdrive lets you choose how long you rent a car for, with discounted rates for weekly or longer rentals. The more you rent, the better and easier your adventure gets.

Find a car

Share the car. Care for the planet

Manufacturing vehicles produces greenhouse gases. So does running them. Be an environmental champion and rent a car that’s already out there. Research suggests that every car shared takes 10-15 other vehicles off the road. Car sharing isn’t just good for the local economy, it’s also good for our planetary well-being. Utilising an existing car means less need for extra vehicles in a rental fleet, reducing your carbon footprint.

How to rent a car

  1. Find a suitable vehicle

    Type in the location of where you want to rent from. Advanced search gives you the option to search for a specific make, model, number of seats, or maybe you need a towbar. By selecting a vehicle you can get more information and read reviews. Set the dates and times for pick up and drop off to get an estimate of the price. To continue the booking, remember to sign up as a member.

  2. Booking request, payment, and confirmation

    When you’ve found yourself a suitable vehicle, send a booking request to the owner. You’ll be asked to enter payment details. When the owner accepts the request your card will be charged. If for some reason, the owner has to decline your request, we will of course not charge your card. When the booking is confirmed an email will be sent to you with contact details to the owner, pick up instructions and some things to think about when collecting the car.

  3. Collecting the vehicle

    Message the owner to arrange pick up. There are a few things to remember when collecting the vehicle. Show the owner your driver licence so they know you are the real you. For insurance purposes, take photos of the car whether it’s damaged or not. Finally, ask if there’s anything else you should know about before taking off, for example what type of fuel the car takes.

  4. The trip

    Whether you’re moving an armchair or going on a road trip, enjoy your trip. You can always message the owner if you have any questions about the vehicles. The car is covered by insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us if anything goes wrong.

  5. Returning the vehicle

    Return the vehicle in the same condition you got it. Top up the fuel, remove your belongings and clean the car if needed. Again, before handing over the key, take photos of the car no matter if it’s been damaged or not. Leave a review to let other Yourdrive members know what it was like renting the car.