Get the most out of your asset

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Why rent out your car with YourDrive?

Take control and earn freedom

The average car costs $800 per month to own. Ouch. Put your car to work and offset costs like insurance, licences, servicing and repairs. Choose public transport, walking or cycling more often and rent out your car when you’re not using it.

Your drive, your way

It’s your car, so it’s your call. You decide when and how long to rent your car out for. It could be during the day when you’re at work, on weekends if you have two cars or long term if it is spare. When you go away for a well earned break, give your car a holiday job.

Meet real people and help them out

All renters are fully vetted by YourDrive which means they are good to go from the word go. You can see a renter’s rating and reviews before accepting a booking. Add to that your local knowledge, insider tips about how the car drives and you can see why YourDrive is such a unique way to go.

List your car

Share the car. Care for the planet

Manufacturing vehicles produces greenhouse gases. So does running them. Be an environmental champion and rent a car that’s already out there. Research suggests that every car shared takes 10-15 other vehicles off the road. Car sharing isn’t just good for the local economy, it’s also good for our planetary well-being. Utilising an existing car means less need for extra vehicles in a rental fleet, reducing your carbon footprint.

How to rent out your car
and get more out of your asset

  1. List your vehicle - get your ride on the site.

    Getting your vehicle on the YourDrive site is easy. First, we need some basic details about your car, Make, model, age - things like that. Next, we help you to set three things: a price, your car’s availability and pickup instructions. We’ll also ask you to upload some pictures of your car. See our blog on How to Take Great Photos of Your Car.

  2. Get COF and change of use - these make you legit to rent.

    After you have completed your vehicle listing, you will see instructions on how to obtain a Certificate Of Fitness (COF) - it’s like a WOF, only for commercial vehicles. You’ll also need to fill a change of use form. The friendly folk at VTNZ will help you do all of this. They’re good like that. There are more details on getting a COF here. Once your vehicle has a COF, it will be listed for hire!

  3. Rental requests - it’s about now, you realise this is the real deal.

    You will be notified by email whenever someone wants to rent your car. Follow the link in the email to accept or decline the request as soon as possible. You can message the renter if you’d like to have a chat with them. Once you’re happy and they’re happy, it’s time to get renting.

  4. Arrange pick-up - you meet them, they meet you - a bit of both?

    Once the renter has paid for the booking, you’ll get your confirmation by email. This is when the booking is locked and loaded. Simply get in touch with the renter and arrange for the handover of the keys and vehicle.

  5. Car pick-up - meet up, drop off.

    You meet, you chat, you check that the renter has their licence, and it a real person. You both check the vehicle condition and the fuel level. Once you’re happy, you can hand over the keys and send them on their way. You’ve just given someone a great deal on a great car - and their New Zealand adventure begins.

  6. Relax - we’ve got your back.

    Your car is in safe hands with YourDrive. All our renters are fully vetted and your car is totally insured while it is rented out.

  7. Car return & get paid - fist pump, victory dance, cha-ching!

    Meet the renter, find out how everything was. Politely look at some of their holiday snaps or not. Check the condition of your car and the fuel level. If everything is good shape there’s only one more thing to do. And that’s review. Remember to rate them in order to build the YourDrive community trust and to show your appreciation. The more good ratings we get, the more good karma - the easier it is to rent with confidence. In the unlikely event that there are issues such as fines or damage during the rental period, get in touch and we’ll sort them out for you. No worries.