2016 Ford Mustang


4 Seats
2 Doors

Get the top down on the mighty Rogue Pony Mustang GT. With 500+ hp and all the comfort, handling and safety of a late model sports car you can cruise Northland in style and if the weather or sun get too much for you the press of a button and the roof is up in less than 15 seconds.

With individual air conditioning and both heated and cooled seats for the front passengers they will be super comfortable. The rear passengers have less space but an average sized adult or smaller will fit nicely. As a bonus, with the top down they have all the air and headroom they could want!

With reverse camera/sensors, adjustable steering feel, and steering wheel mounted gear change paddles you are in full control with the added backup of all the modern traction and stability aids to keep you pointing in the right direction.

A condition of rental is the vehicle is limited to sealed roads only, no unsealed roads permitted.


Available any time the vehicle is not being used for our guided tours for a minimum of 3 hours and maximum 3 days.

Owned by Mark W

Acceptance rating: 50%

Usually replies within two days

Member since April 2019


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